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A New Era

It is a time of change for the Romulan Star Empire. It has been thirteen years since the bloody Dominion War and nine years since the disastrous coup d'état by Shinzon. The Romulan people are in a state of growth and change. A younger generation with fresh ideas has ended the generations of isolationism and begin exploring once again.

The Aehv Expedition

This New Era necessitated new solutions to old problems and in 2385 Centurion Dutir, Chief of Staff for Ambassador Subel would draw up a proposal for a diplomatic expedition across the galaxy with the goal of improving relations with their neighbors while forming all new alliances.

In would not be until 2388 that the proposal would become reality with the launch of the IRW Aehv. While the expedition was now only a single vessel, its goal remains to expand the Romulan Star Empire’s presence through diplomatic means. Under the command of now Commander Dutir, the Aehv must prove itself in an Alpha Quadrant that is now filled with mistrust and fear. In the years following the Dominion War, recent events have left the Quadrant possibly more unstable than ever. The Breen Confederacy has been nearly crippled after an assault by the Cardassian Union, Starfleet has charted paths through the Inconnu Expanse, and the Tzenkethi Coalition has began expanding into new territories. Can words of peace affect the heart and mind during a time of uncertainty? This is the question that the Aehv endeavors to answer.

While her primary role is one of diplomacy, the Aehv is a Valdore Class Warbird and capable of handling a wide variety of mission profiles. The Valdore was designed as an answer to Starfleet’s Sovereign Class and as such possesses sophisticated science and engineering facilities along with its considerable weapon systems. The crew will need to use all of these to etch the name Aehv not just in the annals of the Romulan Star Empire’s history, but in that of the Galaxy itself.

The Romulan Star Empire, faced with a changing galaxy has green lit an extended diplomatic mission they are calling the Aehv Expedition. First time commander, Dutir must assemble a crew for the Expedition's sole vessel and make way to the Alpha Quadrant for important negotiations. But will internal disputes doom the mission before it even begins?

The IRW Aehv is a Play by Nova Simulation
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Current year is: 2388

Latest Mission Posts

» Belly of the Beast

Mission: S1E1: Spreading The Raptor's Wings
Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 2:14am by Sub-Lieutenant Mira Varel

It was hot and humid and Mira’s sweat had started to soak through her uniform. She crawled through the ducts, her disruptor clamoring on the metal bulkhead. Each crash of the metal on metal made her stomach lurch for fear of being discovered. She had been separated from her team…

» Making of M'kara

Mission: S1E1: Spreading The Raptor's Wings
Posted on Sun Jun 18th, 2017 @ 3:32am by Captain M'kara

M’Kara had never really left her home world of Remus but was one of the best trainers of Reman fighters. She herself was scarred up from her time in the slave arena on Renard City where the Romulans had forced her to battle her way through the ranks to become…

» Break Time

Mission: S1E1: Spreading The Raptor's Wings
Posted on Mon Jun 12th, 2017 @ 10:43pm by Sub-Commander Dutir

Dutir put down his PADD with the latest report on the Ferengi Futures Exchange and pinched the bridge if his nose. Normally he could care less about the price of quadrotriticale on Ferenginar but facts like that could prove pivotal in the upcoming trade negotiations. If these negotiations didn’t go…

» Settling In

Mission: S1E1: Spreading The Raptor's Wings
Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 3:46am by Centurion Lalosa

After Lalosa left the Sub-Commander's office she wanted to make sure her belongings made it to her quarters. After a short trip she arrived and was pleased to find that indeed all her stuff was their. She decided to take this time to unpack and get her quarters situated the…

» Reporting aboard--a second chance

Mission: S1E1: Spreading The Raptor's Wings
Posted on Sun Jun 4th, 2017 @ 3:44am by Sub-Commander Dutir & Uhlan Rh'vaurek Deletham

Rh'vaurek let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding as soon as they materialized in the transporter room of the Aehv. He was tense, to say the least, since he wasn't officially aboard until he reported his arrival.

As he stepped down off of the pad, he heard…